YT Downloader

CrazyPXT Network (Bundled)

YT Downloader is program application developed by CrazyPTX Network. The application allows users to download videos up to 1080p for free. It supports downloading a variety of videos from a variety of sharing sites. With its easy-to-use interface, users will find it simple to manage through the program window without any assistance. Just place the URL of the video on the “Video URL” section and click download video. There is also an information center in case users have questions regarding the program’s usage. But if users wish to download only the audio, that is also possible. To do this, click the “Extract Audio” portion. The files will directly be saved to the computer’s folders by specifying the file location.

In YT Downloader, videos can be downloaded in full HD 1080p, HD 720p, HQ 480p or standard quality, depending on those available from the site. In addition, audio can be extracted in advanced audio coding (44KHz and 22KHz) as well as MP3 audio (22KHz).
Features of YT Downloader:
• Choose the quality of the video from full HD 1080p to as low as 144p
• Simple and easy-to-understand layout
• Although the tool is user-friendly, there is an information center available to give assistance to users.
• Option to extract only the audio of the video
• Audio can be downloaded in advanced audio coding r MP3