Y!Supra (Freeware)

Y!Supra is a communications application that enables users to connect to their Yahoo! account and send instant messages to contacts. Additional dependencies are not required; all users need is a Yahoo! Account to be able to use the application. This instant messaging client has a user-friendly interface that is similar to the Yahoo! Messenger client. It lets users set up preferences, including the chat options, chat commands, and how their buddy list is organized. File transfers can also be done directly from the application, so users can easily share audio files, documents, and pictures with their chat buddies.

Its main features include the following:
• Communication – it features tabbed instant messages, offline messages, a chat room list, and voice chat. Users can customize their font types and colors, make use of animated smilies, see offline messages, and customize their buddy list with options for stealth and custom statuses.
• Protection – the application’s advanced SPAM and flood filters increase the users’ security by blocking the source when flooding is detected. There are 11 customizable filters for chat rooms and 10 customizable filters for instant messages.
• Productivity - Y!Supra comes with an Account Manager, macros and chat commands, an auto-update feature, a packet analyzer, and a password changer. Users can also change the look of their messenger by selecting from the application’s built-in wallpaper designs.