YoWindow 3 4.0.84

Repkasoft (Freeware)

YoWindow 3 is a desktop weather widget application that displays the weather report. The pictures on the program reflect the current weather conditions (fog, thunderstorm, sun, clouds, rain, and snow). It also displays astronomical calculations. The program changes the computer’s desktop background based on the current weather. Additionally, the seasons on the desktop change according to the seasons in real life.

YoWindow 3 offers different types of landscapes to use for the desktop. Users can choose from more than a thousand landscapes including villages, seaside, cities, airports, oriental locations, landmarks, and many more. Also, users can download more landscapes from the program’s official website. Landscapes have two types – regular and animated. Aside from displaying the basic weather conditions, the application also displays other information, such as the wind, pressure, humidity, dew point, visibility, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase, and the day length. These details can be brought up on the desktop by hovering over the program’s icon located at in the system tray right beside the current time.

Other features of the application include the following:
• Easy to use
• Create a customized desktop with personal pictures
• Displays accurate weather reports
• Support for different locations
• Add YoWindow widget to Blogger