Youtube™ Browser for SMPlayer

Ricardo Villalba (Freeware)

Youtube Browser for SMPlayer is an add-on program that is part of the SMPlayer user interface. SMPlayer is a free and open-sourced media player developed by Ricardo Villalba. This media player was released in December 2006. Later versions of this media player introduced an added feature that connects users with Youtube is a website where users can upload their videos and create their own video channels. Youtube Browser for SMPlayer allows users to search for videos and channels in without the need to open the website in their Internet browser. Users can then play the selected Youtube videos using SMPlayer. Users need to have an active internet connection and SMPlayer installed in their computers to be able to access Youtube Browser for SMPlayer.

Youtube Browser for SMPlayer can be accessed in the Options menu of SMPlayer. Upon clicking the Youtube Browser command, SMPlayer will generate a new window that displays Youtube videos similar to the website’s main page. With Youtube browser, users can view the video thumbnail, video title, video description, video length, and the video’s number of views. Youtube Browser for SMPlayer also contains three tabs, which sorts the Youtube videos into categories. These include the most popular, most viewed, and most rated videos. Clicking on a video thumbnail would automatically play the video in SMPlayer.