YouSendIt Express 2.13.2

YouSendIt (Shareware)

YouSendIt Express is a program designed to let users send emails without having to open their browsers. It makes the task easier to perform, and because of the program’s ability to send large files, it makes it convenient to use as well.

The application, developed by software company YouSendIt, has a variety of features, including a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. It has an address book function so senders have easy access to the people they need to get in touch with.  

Attachments are easily sent as well. Users can simply drag and drop or right-click. The program can send large files or even entire folders of up to 2GB, and because it allows for uploads to resume in cases of interruption, there is no need to worry about having to start the process over again. Senders can also send multiple files at the same time. Recipients receive links to the files, which they can then download.

There is also a feature that makes sent items accessible to the recipient for only a specified period of time. Users may set passwords, request certified delivery, and track the status of the files when they have been downloaded.  

Users do need to sign up in the company’s website in order to access these features.