YourFile Downloader 1.0.0 (Freeware)

YourFile Downloader is a download utility that enables users to download files from online sources. This program is developed by Via Advertising Group Limited. It was released on July 2012. It features an integrated search functionality that enables users to search for files. The search function provides results from all over the Internet.

YourFile Downloader features a blue interface with an input box at the top for searching files. There are two tabs alongside the search bar—the Downloads tab and the Files tab. The Downloads tab will show the current downloading files. The Files tab will show the files that have finished downloading. The search bar will also show drop-down tips while the user is typing a search query. Users may opt to click the drop-down hints or disregard the same. Search results are shown below the search bar. The program enables users to view the file name as well as the corresponding file size of search results. Search results are shown as boxes that light up when the mouse hovers above them. They are arranged alphabetically for easy organizing. For users who get stuck or confused, the Help file is available by clicking Help on the upper right corner of the interface. This program is automatically added to Windows built-in firewall upon installation so users need not manually add the same.