CyberLink (Shareware)

YouPaint is an application that allows users to paint on touch PCs. The application has several tools for painting and drawing. Drawing tools have different styles including chalk, marker, crayon, and pencil. Users can also choose the size of the tool. The color palette offers 60 different colors for users to work with. For touch screen computers, users can directly draw on the screen using their fingers. For computers that are not touch screen, users can use the mouse or a pen tablet.

YouPaint also features some activities for kids. There are templates for tracing papers and coloring pages. The tracing papers include images for animals, vehicles, and geometric shapes. There are 10 built-in templates in the program, but users can also download additional templates from DirectorZone. Creations can also be uploaded on the website. The coloring pages allow users to color the pages using the crayon or paint tool. In addition, the application also features 76 stamps to add images to the drawings.

All the creations can be saved and shared, too. Artworks can be printed in four styles – color, grayscale, landscape, and portrait. In addition, the projects can be emailed to friends directly from the program’s interface.