I Sioux B.V. (Shareware)

Youda Fisherman is a time management game where players must manage a fishing business. In the game, players must control ships and deliver products to customers. Some of the products that are included in the game are fish, lobsters, and caviar. There are also different types of fishing equipment that are available in the game. Players must utilize these in order to serve all the customers. Each level is also timed so players must reach the level goals provided before time runs out. Players are awarded points based on how quick they finish the level (bronze time, silver time, or gold time).

Money earned from each level can be used to upgrade the equipment or purchase new ones from the in-game shop. Upgrading equipment allows users to yield more products or make the equipment run faster in order to serve more customers.

Here are the other features of the Youda Fisherman game:

• Comes with 65 levels for hours of gameplay
• Users can get game bonuses and upgrades that will help them beat levels faster
• Has an interesting storyline that is ideal for the entire family
• Each level has challenging goals that make the game more interesting to play
• Get the chance to fight balloons and pirates to keep stocks safe