YoudaFarmer3 1.0

I Sioux B.V. (Shareware)

Youda Farmer 3: Seasons is the third installment in the Youda Farmer time management game series. The same town has been struck by a devastating storm and it is the player’s job to restore the village and rebuild the farm. It has the same mechanics and features as its predecessors with a few additions. For instance, this game allows the player to pick up fruits and vegetables from other farms, and a new notification panel appears at the bottom of the screen when a crop is ready to be harvested. Once the player clicks on the bottom panel, s/he is transported to the selected farm and products may be collected and sold afterwards.

More products sold mean higher earnings, but if the player waits too long, the products will be unusable and therefore cannot be sold. When this happens, the player’s earnings get a significant deduction. However, the unusable items can be recycled free of charge. Another difference this game has from the earlier versions is the player’s added responsibility to the carpenter and tailor – s/he must provide them with the things they need to produce furniture and clothing. Furthermore, the player must also build an opulent hotel in which guests can check in, so that the restaurant can earn some revenue. Delivering and picking up three similar items grants the player extra points.