Youda Farmer

Youda Games (Shareware)

Youda Farmer is a farming-themed time management game developed by the company, Youda Games. In this game, the player takes on the role of a farmer who grows various crops, harvests the fruits and vegetables, and delivers the produce to customers. The player also takes care of animals and sells their eggs, meat, and milk. By-products like butter and flour are also sold to customers. The game consists of several levels, in which the player must fulfill all of the customers’ orders on time. If the requirements are not met within the time limit, the player must start the level from the beginning. To collect the harvest, the player must drive the truck across all of the fields and pick up items along the way. However, the truck can run out of gas, so the player must drive to the fields that contain the customers’ orders first.

Occasionally, party items will appear on the fields, and the player must move quickly in order to collect them all before they disappear. Some of these party items enable players to upgrade their game to the next level. Another way to upgrade the farm is by collecting “multi-points”, which can be challenging. Some of these upgrades include having a chicken coop, pig stable, better harvesting equipment and machinery, and more crates.