CyberLink Corp. (Freeware)

YouCam is a webcam application. It has interactive effects, which allow users to create personalized avatars. With YouCam’s pattern recognition feature, you can create virtual objects in 3D, as if you were actually holding them in your hands. You can also customize your videos or screen stills with different headgears. You may even decorate your photos and videos with frames and other graphic embellishments. Distortion effects can also be used with YouCam.

YouCam comes with various emoticons that can be used when chatting or recording. It makes your online emotions more animated. You can also 'traverse the world' virtually with YouCam’s scenery effects. YouCam allows you to share your images and videos online. The application is integrated with Facebook and YouTube. Instant messengers, like Skype, Windows Live, and Yahoo!, are supported as well.

YouCam has video enhancement options which let you optimize your video quality. It makes use of CyberLink’s TrueTheater technology, a high definition feature that eliminates noise and automatically adjusts sharpness, lighting, and contrast.

YouCam can also be used in the workplace. This program allows users to create PowerPoint presentations with webcam videos. You can also record your PC screen in high definition. It is also useful in tutorials and video conferencing.