Yota Music

Yota (Freeware)

Yota is a Russian company that provides locals with broadband services. The same company also manufactures and distributes smartphones under the Yota brand. Yota Music is one of the programs that has been developed and released by this company. Yota Music is an application that can be used on Yota smartphones and devices that use the company's broadband service signal. It provides Yota subscribers with access to legally downloadable music on the Internet. Aside from this, the application also comes with a built-in player that allows users to directly download tracks and listen to these afterwards.

Yota Music is a simple program that is easy to use. Users have the ability to download their favorite songs legally with this particular application. Users that are currently subscribed to a broadband plan under the company can take advantage of the ability to download music at no extra cost. They simply have to settle their monthly subscription fees and then the music that they download with the application can be enjoyed free of charge. The user has the ability to store these downloaded files in an external disk if preferred. It is also possible for the user to transfer the files into a destination folder in the computer for later use.