Yoono Desktop 1.8.43

Yoono (Freeware)

Yoono Desktop is a program used for connecting to different networks from just one location. The program supports different services, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Foursquare, MySpace, and others. The application’s main window has a built-in browser, which can be used to access all the user’s accounts. With the program, users are updated with all their contacts’ posts and can also update their own status from the window. Users can also share links to websites and videos on all their accounts all at the same time. The application has a simple user interface that can be managed by both novice and advanced computer users.

Under the settings window, users have the option to change the language, enable or disable counters for messages and updates, and automatically change their status when they are away after a set number of minutes. Other key features of the Yoono Desktop are as follows:

• Share content to contact on different services with the drag and drop method
• Users can share photos, videos, and website links to their contacts and friends in all networks through the program’s interface
• Eliminates the need to log into all accounts one by one
• Has set of configuration settings for changing the behavior of the application