YoGen Vocal Remover

YoGen (Freeware)

YoGen Vocal Remover is an audio tool developed by YoGen and released on July 2011. It is an audio management program that enables users to remove the vocals from an audio music file. This is particularly useful for amateur singers who would like to replace their voice in place of the original vocals on a music file. This is also useful when making a karaoke music file of favorite music files.

The program works by separating the vocal or monophonic sound components from the stereo music components. However, the vocal tracks must be recorded and placed in the middle of the stereo mix for the program to work perfectly. Thus, the performance of this product depends greatly on the music file selected and the way such has been recorded originally.

YoGen Vocal Remover user interface sports a light blue to dark blue theme with orange and neon green accents. There are four buttons at the bottom corresponding to Open, Save, Play, and Start/Stop. A navigation slider occupies the middle of the UI, while two tick boxes are located to the right of the slider. The tick boxes correspond to XBS and Loop Play. An orange-accented timer sits at the top counting up the number of minutes that the audio file is playing. Processed audio files are saved in the MP3 file format.