Yetisports 7

Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt Vienna (Shareware)

Yetisports 7 is one of the variants of the Yetisports game. In this version, Yeti is taking a trip to the famous Alps in Austria. Yeti is up in the snowy peaks to ski and penguins are there to race him. This is similar to the other Yeti games in the sense that high scores can be gained by doing spectacular jumps with equally outstanding landings. Rotations may be done while Yeti is up on air. This snowboard free ride race is played against Yeti’s arch-enemies, the penguins.

In Yetisports 7, the player has to hit around 10 penguins. Players must make sure that the penguins are hit to give Yeti a hassle –free run. Higher jumps mean higher points. Acrobatics mean additional points as well. Doing tricks pays off very well in this online game. For extra scores, players must catch a penguin or two. The game is a fast-paced mad rush to achieve the end goal which is to finish the course. Winning the race gets the player additional points. Players of Yetisports 7 use the four directional keys when performing stunts and acrobatics.

Yetisports 7 is a ski game that is available online for free. Yetisports 7 is an online flash game developed by Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt Vienna.