Yetisports 6 Bigwave

Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt (Shareware)

Yetisports 6 Bigwave is a surfing game. Players are encouraged to catch the big wave and come up with the best moves on the board. The main objective of this game is for the Yeti to surf the perfect wave while gaining speed. To collect points, the player must perform aerial jumps. Spectacular moves are quite useful in this game and the player with the most amazing jumps gets the highest scores.

Yetisports 6 Bigwave is a computer video game made totally in Flash. The player can score with penguin kicks and jumps but the speed must be maintained at maximum. In order to do this the board’s nose must be pointed down. In Yetisports 6 Bigwave, a player who surfs out of the screen loses valuable seconds.

Yetisports 6 Bigwave is a popular and fun-filled game that also gives players many opportunities to earn extra points by getting style points for 540, 360 and 180-degree rotations and by kicking penguins out of the air. The surfboard may be rotated using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

This game was developed by Edelweiss Medienwerkstatt. Yetisports 6 Bigwave is a free online arcade-type game that was launched in 2004. This game is one of the variants of the original Yetisports game.