Pendulo Studios (Proprietary)

Yesterday is a single-player, third-person point-and-click game that revolves around the character named John Yesterday. John has amnesia as a result of a suicide attempt while he was investigating the kidnapping and murder of vagrants in New York City. He is hired by Henry White, a wealthy socialite, to continue the investigation. A third character in the story is Samuel Cooper, Henry’s friend. The gameplay shifts perspectives and the player will take on each of the three characters in different parts of the game. As the story progresses, John will be driven to piece together clues pertaining not only to the investigation but to his past as well.

The game features a built-in hint function to guide players along. The visuals are rich and detailed; the game interfaces at the bottom part of the gameplay area include a Sound icon for adjusting volume, a Power icon for quitting the game, and a Star that shows the game points. The Star icon is also the game’s autosave and load function. A Lightbulb icon gives hints; it will regenerate after 10 actions. Other hints are shown via the Crosshair icon, which displays the hotspots that the player should investigate. Also at the bottom bar is the Inventory of objects collected throughout the game. Players can use the items in situations calling for each. The game offers 4 different endings; each will depend on the choices the player makes.