yEd Graph Editor

yWorks GmbH (Freeware)

yEd Graph Editor is a program developed by yWorks GmbH. It is a stand-alone software. yEd Graph Editor works as a software that generates graphs and diagrams, which are vital for data analysis jobs within organizations. It utilizes Java programming language that ensures effective data generation at all times.

The program can draw a wide array of graphs and diagrams according to the information saved in the computer. Graphs include mind maps, flow charts, organizational charts, BPMN diagrams, and a lot more. It means that the program will work for everyone, regardless of the diagram type users prefer to use. Customizing diagram elements is an easy task with the software. Its lightweight platform gives way to simple data manipulation and output will be ready in no time. Easier and faster diagram creation promotes efficiency within the organization or business. Diagram elements are arranged with ease according to how it should present the document.

Aside from creation, using new raw data, this software also lets users import external data. It supports .XML files or those created using spreadsheet programs like Excel. Once imported, the platform will start creating the diagram and is ready for presentation. yEd Graph Editor exports or saves diagram files in various file formats. Present it as .jpg, .png, .pdf or .swf files. It generates the diagram as required in your presentation.