Spacejock Software (Freeware)

yBook is an ebook reader that allows users to read ebooks just like a physical book. The program supports a wide variety of file formats including HTML, RTF, ZIP, TXT, EPUB, and many more. There are two modes for viewing ebooks – side-by-side or one page. Users also have full control over the interface of the program. Users can choose the color of the paper, the ink used, texture for the paper, line spacing, and the borders. The ebook can be set automatically turn the page, and the delay can be adjusted as well.

The application’s interface is simple and intuitive. The settings for the ebook can be seen at the bottom part of the main window. These include the font and size of the text. Users can add a bookmark by right-clicking on the page and selecting “Set Bookmark” from the menu. Settings for the application can also be accessed from the right-click menu.

Other features of the yBook application include the following:

• multi-language interface
• search feature for finding specific words or phrases from the publication
• support for downloading from Gutenberg collection
• ebooks can be catalogued
• easy to use even for novice computer users