Yawcam 0.4.1

Magnus Lundvall (Freeware)

Yawcam, or Yet Another WebCAM software, is a webcam application developed by the Magnus Lundvall. It was first released in 2003. The program offers the basic features available in most webcam applications. The program’s interface is simple and clear-cut. The main window displays two tabs with several menus on top. The tabs are the Control Panel and Console. The Control can be used to disable or enable the File, FTP, HTTP, Stream, and Motion functions while the Console tab displays the status and information messages of how the program is used in runtime.

Its primary functions include previewing images, capturing images, detecting motion, and monitoring viewers. The Preview function is used for previewing image data that are captured by the webcam device. Changing the update interval of captured images is possible. The Capture function is like the Preview function with an added button of taking snapshots of the image captured by the device. Captured images can be stored. Users can also monitor the viewers of the webcam stream output via the Viewers function. The Viewers window shows a list of individuals that are viewing the user’s webcam. It also displays some information about the viewers including hostname, IP number, time connected, and others. Users also have the option to kick or ban a viewer. The program is also capable of detecting motion via the Motion Detection function. When this function is activated, it displays a separate window, which shows Motion Events, Actions, and Settings.