Jim Mitchell (Freeware)

YASU, which stands for “Yet Another System Utility” is a utility application designed for use in computers running Apple’s MacOS. This application can perform various maintenance tasks by point and click action, eliminating the need to type shell script commands in the terminal application. This application can perform various tasks such as clearing cache files, system logs, debugging script errors, reset system and home permissions, removal of browser cookies, and cleaning the user’s browser history. Other options allow the user to manage the computers error and crash logs. YASU can only perform these tasks if the user has administrator privileges in the computer.

YASU’s interface appears as a simple checkbox menu that describes commands that the application can perform. Users may initiate a program action by ticking the required checkbox. This program also enables users to schedule the maintenance tasks immediately or during the next startup of the operating system. Some of the application’s actions require that the user reboot the computer in order for the changes to take place. The program also has a preferences section where the user may find options that check for new versions of the program upon launch, quit other applications while the program is running, show multi-user warning before running, and securely delete internet related files.