Yandex LLC (Proprietary)

Yandex is a web search engine developed by a company of the same name based in Russia. The program is the leading search engine in Russia, providing support for over 1400 cities. It features parallel search functionality. Parallel Search enables users to receive search results from specialized info sources like blogs, images database, and news sources, aside from the main web index. The program also supports real-time queries, allowing users to receive the most up-to-date results based on specific queries like current events, news, and weather queries.

Yandex offers not just the search engine function, but also other features like a spell checker, antivirus, autocomplete, and Wizard Answer. The spell checker suggests alternative spellings when typing a search query with a wrong spelling. The autocomplete function that provides suggested search queries even while typing. The antivirus function recognizes malware-infected web pages and cautions the user from clicking the same. The Wizard Answer function provides information relevant to the original search query. Search queries are made primarily in the Russian language. However, in 2010, the program offered support for non-Russian language search queries.

Yandex is primarily available for desktops and laptops. However, the program has expanded compatibility even into mobile phone browsers, tablets, and other handheld devices. On February 2013, the program ranked No.21 in the Alexa ranking of web search engines.