Yammer (Proprietary)

Yammer is an enterprise social network for employees. As a social networking service offered to organizations, it aims to help enterprise members gain access to business data, conversations, and work-related content within an internal communication system. It gives companies the option to build their own social networks. As a service similar to major social networks like Facebook and Twitter, Yammer allows people within an organization to collaborate, share files, and exchange information.

Yammer aims to promote increased productivity in employees by facilitating real-time collaboration across departments, locations, and business applications. Employees can form groups to work together in projects where they can share and edit documents. The service can be accessed online on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Blackberrys, and Windows smartphones. It allows employees to interact within a virtual environment. This service can also be embedded into other systems, such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Yammer has paid and freemium versions. The free version allows enterprise users to use the basic features of the service. Paying users who use the premium version, which comes with more security and administrative controls, can utilize value-added functions such as integration capability with other apps, a dedicated customer success manager, and priority customer service. Yammer has over 5 million users, including 85 percent of employees from Fortune 500 companies that use its enterprise service.