Yamb (Freeware)

Yamb (Yet Another Mp4Box UI) is a Windows graphical user interface for the mp4box. The program is based on the command lines that are a component of the GPAC framework. It offers various functions for 3gp and mp4 files. It can be used for creating, splitting, and joining 3gp or mp4 files that contain video streams, audio streams, subtitles, and chapters.

The program can also be used for extracting streams in an mp4 format, raw format, avi format, among others. Extracting subtitles as text or srt file as well as chapters as OGM file is also possible. Aside from this, Yamb can also be used for retrieving information about streams of different formats. Converting srt file to text is also possible.

The program’s main interface is straightforward. It is composed of four categories – Creation, Editing, Settings, and About. The Creation section offers two options. The first one is creating an MP4 file with several video, audio, chapters, and subtitles streams and the second one is creating a 3GP file based on the 3GPP standardization scheme. The Editing section offers various tools for editing the 3GP or MP4 file while the Settings section offers various configuration options (both basic and advanced). Information about the program and its developer can be found in the About section of their webpage.