Yamaha Studio Manager

Yamaha Corporation (Shareware)

Yamaha Corporation created the Yamaha Studio Manager as a cross-platform application that can open multiple Editors, which in turn, can control YAMAHA hardware products simultaneously. It can either be run as an independent application or as a plug-in for DAW applications. Yamaha Studio Manager is compatible with Editors such as the LS9 Editor, PM5D V2 Editor, PMSD Editor, and many more.  Overall, it supports Open Plug-in Technology or OPT 2, a program that enables users to operate various parts of a music system such as mixing control editors and plug-in board editors in one application.

Studio Manager can recall multiple devices simultaneously or recall only one device on an individual editor. Not only can users save both DAW application settings and Studio Manager settings at the same time, but they can also be retrieve these settings in the same way. In addition, users can create new files, rename files, and open saved files. The application also lists the names of installed devices in its Device Editor section, and identifies the hardware products connected to specific MIDI In/Out Ports. With its easy-to-use interface, users with Yamaha audio products can use this application for their music studio needs using only one device – the computer.