Yamaha MidRadio Player

Yamaha Corporation (Freeware)

Yamaha MidRadio Player is an audio streaming program developed by Japanese company Yamaha Corporation. This program enables users to listen to music or audio files in MIDI, SMAF, MP3, WAV, MRM, and MRL file formats. This program also enables users to record voice audio files using a microphone installed in the computer. This program features server access to several online audio servers.

Yamaha MidRadio Player features support for karaoke applications as an add-in feature. It features text over background display with anti-aliasing. Users may also change the font style for the text in a karaoke file. This program also features a bookmarking function that enables users to save or bookmark links for favorite songs or audio files. It saves a History of all accessed music files for future retrieval.

Yamaha MidRadio Player features a skinnable user interface. The Display function features the channel name, site name, composer name, song title, and audio type. It has playback control options including Play, Stop, and Pause buttons. Users may control the volume through up and down buttons.  This program also features dedicated buttons for Next Track, and Play first. Users may control the pitch and tempo of a particular audio file during playback using dedicated buttons. This program also features a Seek function using a slider tool. Users can also toggle between offline and online mode.