Yahtzee Deluxe

EA Mobile (Shareware)

Yahtzee Deluxe is a cross-platform game version of classic dice games made portable for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers. The game objective is to get the highest score by rolling 5 dice and get them to form certain combinations. There are thirteen possible scoring combinations wherein for each turn players roll the dice up three times to achieve any of the desired combinations. There are thirteen rounds wherein a player selects which scoring combo is supposed to be utilized for that round. Once a combo had been used during a game, it cannot be used anymore.

The scorecard has thirteen boxes separated into two sections: the lower section and the upper section. The lower section has poker-themed combinations having specific point values. The following are the lower section categories for scoring: Yahtzee, Full House, Chance, Large Straight, Small Straight, Three-Of-A-Kind, and Four-Of-A-Kind. Certain combinations can be scored in more than one category. Each box in the upper section is scored by adding up the total dice faces that match that box. When a player scores at least 63 points, there is a 35-point bonus added to the upper section score. Bonus chips are used to achieve the maximum score.

The electronic cross-platform version of the game is owned and licensed by Hasbro. It was originally developed by E.S. Lowe Company which was acquired by Milton Bradley which is now owned by Hasbro.