Yahoo! Widgets

Yahoo! Inc. (Freeware)

Yahoo! Widgets is an application platform for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows systems. It went by two names—Konfabulator and The Yahoo! Widget Engine—before it was rebranded. This program is used to run widgets, which are small applications that have various functions. This platform makes use of a JavaScript runtime engine paired with an XML interpreter.

There are over four thousand widgets available that can be run by this program, each with a particular function. Users can get their desktop widgets from the Yahoo! Widget Gallery. A widget can be a calculator, a calendar, an indicator of WiFi signal availability and strength, a weather forecaster, a scoreboard of the latest basketball game, and even a microblogging feed. Widgets are convenient applications that give users the information they need without having to access other sites. Users will only need to install the widgets they need on their desktops. The widgets may be organized along the top, bottom, right, or left edge of the desktop. Users may also customize the appearance of widgets.

Yahoo! Widgets comes with default widgets, including a manager for Yahoo! Mail, a remote control for iTunes, and a calendar. The program offers a tour to show users the basics of widgets, along with how to add and remove these using the program’s widget dock.