Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Inc. (Freeware)

Yahoo! Messenger is an instant messaging client that was first released in March 1998. This application is free of charge and can be used with a generic Yahoo! ID.

Yahoo! Messenger has numerous key features in terms of communication. Chat Rooms allow you to meet new people and discuss your preferred topics. File Transfer lets you to send data instantly while you IM with friends. IM Conference allows you to communicate with many contacts at once (voice capabilities can be enabled). Instant Messaging allows you to send SMS to your contacts in real time and for free. PC-to-PC Calls allow you to make free voice calls to another Yahoo! Messenger contact. PC- to-Phone Calls allow you to call other people on their phones. Phone In allows you to receive calls (Phone In account required). Photo Sharing allows you to share photos from your computer or via Flickr.

Productivity-wise, Yahoo! Messenger has many features as well. Buzz Alert lets you get your friend’s attention through clicking the Buzz button. Call Forwarding lets you redirect calls to another phone number even if you are signed out. IM Forwarding to Mobile lets you receive IMs to your phone as text messages when you sign out of Messenger. Message Archiving lets you keep a private history of your conversations. Stealth and Privacy Settings lets you choose to appear online to some friends and offline to others. Tabbed IM Windows lets you organize multiple conversations into a single window.

Yahoo! Messenger can be personalized as well. You have the options to add Plug-ins. You may also use Audibles, emoticons, and fun IMvironments. You can also customize your avatars and display images. Status messages and fonts can also be changed to suit your preferences, too.