Yahoo! Friend

NoName:D (Freeware)

Yahoo! Friend is an application that allows users to add graphics and emoticons to their Yahoo Messenger messages. Contacts who receive the emoticons are able to view them even if the program is not installed in their computer. This is because the graphics are done with different fonts that come pre-installed in Windows computers. The application adds a button on the chat window that reads “Special Emoticons” just beside the “IMVironment” button. When the menu is clicked, users can see the different emoticons that can be sent.

There are a variety of categories to choose from. Some of them include Love, Happy, Blushing, Applause, and Angry. In addition, users can add auto replay messages when they are not in front of their computers and they receive a message.

Other features of the Yahoo! Friend program are the following:

• Wide variety of emoticons and graphics to choose from
• Simple and easy to use
• Incoming messages from Yahoo Messenger contacts can be heard
• Multilanguage support
• Consists of ASCII emoticons

In addition to these, the application also allows users to create their own emoticons. Customized emoticons can also be added to the application by adding them to the Yahoo! Friend folder on the computer.