YACReader Library

YAC Reader (Freeware)

YAC Reader Library is one part of the entire YAC Reader application dedicated to reading entire comic libraries regardless of file type. It supports comics with the following file type associations: cbz, cbr, cb7, cbt, zip, rar, 7z, pdf, and tar.

By using the YAC Reader Library, a user can instantly create new libraries and separate them from existing ones. This is ideal for organizing comic strips so that users will be able to access them more easily any time in the future. Exporting and importing is also allowed by the program, and full editing can be done with existing libraries. Another feature that is worth mentioning is Comic Flow. It enables the user to peruse a digital comic with the effects of reading a real comic book. A reader can choose between five transition effects: roulette, modern, classic, overlapped strip, and strip.

The YAC Reader Library also allows users to read files in foreign languages, set level zoom in customized numbers, read in full screen mode, and use bookmarks. The reader also gives users the ability to enhance the comic images being presented.

Through the reader library, users can manage the information of their comic files. In this feature, individual comic titles, issue numbers, and even publishing information are stored and completely organized for easier browsing. The built-in search engine can display all the information alphabetically.