Y! BrowserPlus

Yahoo! Inc. (Freeware)

Yahoo! BrowserPlus is an application used to extend a web browser’s capabilities created by Yahoo! Inc. The program is made for both web application developers and web users. It enables developers to create web applications (mostly web plug-ins) and allows web users to utilize these applications for better surfing. Yahoo! BrowserPlus is an open-source application. Third-party developers can use this program to build web applications for end-users to use.

The BrowserPlus application works by installing the required web plug-ins without the need to reload the web page. When a plug-in is required, a dialog box will pop up asking the user to install it. If the user agrees, it installs the plug-in. The new functionality will automatically be accessible for the user.

The Yahoo! BrowserPlus application offers different web browser services. It has a Drag-and-Drop service, which allows users to drag-and-drop files from the desktop to a web browser. The program also has FileBrowse. This is a file browsing dialog used in managing files from the desktop to the web browser. An interface to Flickr Upload and Authorization API is available, which is called FlickrUploader.

The program also has a service called ImageAlter that can locally alter images using the ImageMagick platform and serve those altered images over HTTP. The Yahoo! BrowserPlus application offers a service called IRCClient. This can connect users to IRC chat servers. A Log service is also available to access the plug-in logging facilities. Other services offered by this program include Motion, Desktop Notification, PStore, JSONRequest, TextToSpeech, and more.