XYplorer (Shareware)

XYplorer, formerly called TrackerV3, is a file management program that was first released in 1999. The program gives users several options for browsing and managing the contents of a computer. The program’s navigation feature has a tabbed browsing interface to access multiple files at the same time. It also has tabsets, which are saved tabs complete with all the options the user has set. XYplorer also comes with search tools including an advanced file search feature that can find files in a few seconds. The Duplicate File Finder locates copies of files from any location on the computer. The files inside folders can be displayed in Branch View so that users can see all the subfolders inside the main folder.

XYplorer consists of organization tools that will make it easier for users to categorize all the files in the system. Users can assign tags and labels to folders, as well as add comments. The files can be color-coded and arranges according to size, age, or date, too.

Other features of the application include the following:
• One-click previews for audio, video, image, and other types of files
• Mouse down blow up feature that increases the size of thumbnails for a better preview
• One-click reports
• View folder sizes and item count
• User-defined commands