XWidget Designer (Freeware)

XWidget Designer is an application that allows users to customize the desktop, specifically the design of widgets. The program comes with ready-made widgets that users can choose from. Different kinds of widgets are available including widgets for the weather, messages, headlines, and news. The attributes of the widgets can be changed with the designer. Users can change the color, size, action, and other properties of a widget.

The visual widget editor is where users can edit the widgets. The upper portion of the window displays the buttons for changing the different attributes of the widget. The four main buttons are Design, Code, Split, and Log. All the tools for changing the attributes are present in the main window. Users can see a preview of the widget by clicking on the ‘Run’ button at the upper left part of the main window. In addition, users can also customize the dashboard where the widgets are docked.

Other features of the XWidget program include the following:
• Low on system resources
• Easy to use
• Smooth animation effects
• Variety of editing options

Aside from modifying widgets, users can also download widgets that are made by other users from the program’s gallery (