XVID Player (Freeware)

XVID Player is a video application that uses Xvidcore.dll, which enables users to play multimedia files on any Windows computer. It supports different types of advanced video file formats. The codec used follows standard video codec library file types such as MPEG-4. This technology compresses and decompresses the video data’s required bandwidth for efficiency in computer network transmission and DVD or CD file storage. The XVID video codec adopts the standard in different software applications, enabling users to play music, video clips, and more. Through the codec, the application produces a better picture quality and better compression rating ratio. Furthermore, users can also enjoy watching audiovisual files in HD quality.

XVID Player enables the multimedia files to be run in different setups in the computer. Some of the multimedia file types that are supported are the following:

• AVI – Audio Video Interleave file format, one of the most recommended multimedia file types for video playback.
• OGM – A file format that compresses XVID codecs, enabling users to play MP3s and AC3 Dolby digital audio files.
• MKV – it is an extension of Matroska Media Container that enables the playback of video files in HD quality.

All videos and audios have a specific file format and each is backed by a codec. This application is able to play different format files, eliminating the need to install other media players.