Xvid MiniConvert 1.3.3

Xvid Solutions (Bundled)

Xvid MiniConvert is an add-on program for the Xvid video codec pack. This program enables users to convert video files of any format into Xvid-supported formats. Xvid is a video codec library that is designed after the MPEG-4 format, particularly on MPEG-4 Part 2 ASP. This codec pack uses ASP features like b-frames, lumi masking, global pixel motion compensation, quarter pixel motion compensation, trellis quantization, as well as H.263 and MPEG quantization matrices. Xvid is capable of delivering DVD quality movies and streaming media with audio and video playback. Xvid MiniConvert allows users to convert their video files into Xvid media containers with MP3 audio and AVI video components. This program supports different video formats such as MPEG-4, H263, MKV, WMV, MP4, as well as other video codecs like DivX, Dx50, and MP4V FourCC.

Xvid MiniConvert features a simple user interface that can be accessed in the Xvid Codec Pack’s program window. This program contains controls that allow users to locate the videos to be converted to Xvid, and set an output folder for the converted video. Xvid MiniConvert also has a progress bar that displays the status of the conversion process and a prompt that notifies users when the conversion process is finished. Users are also provided with buttons that start and stop the conversion process.