XULPlayer (Open Source)

XULPlayer is an open-source multimedia player developed and published by XULPlayer. The application is used in playing video files in an easy-to-use environment. It is built on MPlayer and Mozilla XUL. Numerous audio, video, image, and flash formats can be used with the program.

The program’s interface is intuitive and simple. Opening of videos is done through the program file browser. Tools, which are commonly found in normal media players, are also available in the program. Such tools include volume adjustment, switching of modes to full screen, front and back navigation within clips, and stop and pause commands.

File properties and media information are displayed including video codec, audio codec, and bit rate. Users can go to a previous track or the next track. Playlists can also be created by users. File options that can be configured are aspect ratio, output channels, priority, and video and audio outputs. Options in post-processing that can be designated include denoising, deinterlacing, and deblocking. Color adjustments that can be made are contrast, gamma, brightness, and saturation. Other program features include lyric and subtitle support, multiple playlist manipulation and access, and video screenshots capture, among others. A moderate quantity of a computer system’s resources is used in running the program.