Xtremsplit 1.2

Inekman (Freeware)

Xtremsplit is an application used for splitting or joining video files. It is capable of splitting files into smaller pieces and it can also be configured to create shorter videos based on the number of resulting videos the user needs. Additionally, users can create a self-extracting file with the application. Aside from splitting videos, the application can also merge shorter videos to form a longer one. The program does not need to be installed in the computer for it to run. It can be saved in a USB stick to be used on other computer.

Users have two options when splitting videos. The first one allows the user to specify the maximum size for the output video. For the second option, the user can specify the number of files regardless of the sizes of the output files. The application has a user-friendly interface that even beginners will be able to manipulate.

Here are the other features of the Xtremsplit application:

• Supports up to 4Gb when cutting or merging files together
• Compatible with over 20 different splitter applications
• Supports the drag and drop feature
• Users can start, pause, or stop the process anytime
• Can reduce the sizes of executable files