Xtreme Tuner HD 2.0.0

Galaxy (Freeware)

Xtreme Tuner HD is a driver tool for the iPhone and iPad. This tool allows users to monitor graphics cards on any iOS device. There are a number of items that users can manipulate using this tool.

First, users can manipulate the BIOS recovery to their liking. Fan speeding can also be changed depending on what the user wants. Overclock settings can be changed using a screen panel. This screen panel is user friendly. It immediately shows how many cores are working. It also shows the BIOS version and the driver version. There is a temperature reader in the right corner.

Here are additional features:

• GTX 680 support
• In-game OSD Display
• SLI multi-GPU support
• GPU information

There is access to a wide range of graphics parameters. An excellent feature of Xtreme Tuner HD is that everything can be monitored in real time. Among the items that can be monitored are the Fan Speed, GPU Temperature, Memory Frequency (the option allows up to 3600MHz), and the Core Frequency (the slider allows up to 2GHZ core frequency and a shader frequency of up to 4GHz).

Adjusting these parameters can also be done in real time. There are graphs that display readings over time. The readings are for the temperature, fan speed, and clock speed. Clock speed profiles can also be created. Simply load these profiles to set the clock speeds.