XTerm Medical Dictionary 2.1.17

Kpiachem (Freeware)

XTerm Medical Dictionary is an educational tool that allows students and medical practitioners to view medical information. The program consists of a variety of medical terms, and their database is updated two times a month so that it contains new terms. The application comes with its own search feature that can be utilized for searching specific medical terms. Some of the terms included in the application are medical conditions, abbreviations, acronyms, procedures, medical units, and many others. Medical students, transcriptionists, government agencies, laboratory workers, and medical recruitment agencies can use the program.

Here are the other features of the XTerm Medical Dictionary program:

• Wildcard Search – The program’s Wildcard Search feature allows users to search for terms even if they are not sure about the spelling.
• Browse Headers – This feature allows users to read through a list of words from the dictionary while typing a letter or series of letters. Using the arrow keys, users can go through the list of words related to the typed letters.
• Search Definitions – With this feature, users are free to search a single word or a combination of two words combined with a separator.

XTerm Medical Dictionary is automatically updated so users always have the latest medical words in their database.