Xteq Systems X-Setup

Xteq Systems (Freeware)

Xteq Systems X-Setup, now called XQDC X-Setup Pro, is a tool used to configure Windows operating systems. It allows users to tweak or modify their computer’s system settings to suit their specific needs. It runs on Windows servers from the 95 edition up to 2003. With this application, users can change their computer’s settings including boot up options, Internet settings, server and hardware settings, Office options, and others quickly and easily.

This program makes use of XML-based plugins that can easily be updated, and users can also download updated plugins straight from the program’s website. Users can also view the source of their plugins, and create their own plugins for use in the program. X-Setup’s Pro edition comes with a Restore Log that keeps track of all the modifications the user has made and enables users to restore system values anytime they wish. It is independent from Windows’ own Restore Points that can only be found in XP systems, so it can be used on any Windows OS the program supports.

A key feature provided by this program is the Registry Loading facility, which enables users to load the registry specific to a user. This feature comes in handy when one computer has multiple users and locking down the computer is necessary.