xStarter Solutions (Shareware)

xStarter is a system utility that serves the purpose of providing its users with a single access point from which they can automate various processes undertaken by their computer systems. When it comes to this particular program, it primarily automates tasks like process scheduling, file downloading, archive data compression, running Windows, and many more.  This is a program that is compatible with various platforms and carries additional support for server networks.

The xStarter program was released by xStarter Solutions Inc. as a solution to computer users' needs when it comes to boosting the performance of their computer systems. When it comes to this, not having to manually launch processes and applications can make the system more efficient and this is what the xStarter is for. Everything can be configured under this particular application. Users have the ability to choose which particular tasks to automate. Applying schedules to the launching of these tasks will also be in their control.

This is a piece of software that can also handle different Internet related tasks. Aside from automating various computer processes, users can also expect to enjoy the following features:

• Data Storage Support
• File Change monitoring
• Folder Synchronization
• Email, FTP, and HTTP Support
• Windows Macros Recording