Xstar Radio

Victor Mashnin (Shareware)

XStar Radio is a music software that streams music from online radio stations in MP3 format. The software gets the audio data from the radio station and converts it to MP3. The software will then play songs in the said format. The audio data pulled from the radio station allows the software to display the music track's title and artist. It also allows recording of channels when the user registers the software. Saved recordings can be found in the folder specified by the software.

The radio stations can be saved (bookmarked) on a favorites folder for later listening. They can be saved by clicking the "asterisk" on the upper right corner of the interface. There are also more than 2000 radio channels available for streaming within the software. The software can play songs with bitrates of up to 128 KB/S. The software's interface is designed to look like a 90s radio. There is a running casette tape on the left that informs the user that music is currently streaming. A sound equalizer on the right is also present that informs how loud the volume is. It also displays how many minutes or hours the user is streaming a radio station through a clock on the upper left portion of the interface.