XSplit 1.2.1303.0101

SplitMediaLabs (Proprietary)

XSplit Broadcaster is a video live streaming application developed and released by SplitMediaLabs in August 2012. This program allows users to record video presentations for later broadcast to preset service providers. XSplit Broadcaster also allows users to incorporate cameras, flash, videos, screen captures and images during livestreaming. This program also allows users to make video projects with z-order, 3D effects, and color specifications.

XSplit Broadcaster allows users to customize their video productions. XSplit Broadcaster users may utilize text labels or subtitles using dynamic or static text from different web sources. This program also allows users to customize transitions between videos or between scenes. XSplit Broadcaster can also conduct simultaneous broadcasts with separate configurations and qualities. This program can also capture output sound and mix it with input sounds from a microphone. XSplit Broadcaster may also be used as camera source by enabling virtual camera output. Users may also enable game source to allow XSplit Broadcaster to use game scenes as an additional source. This program may also be used for Skype interactions.

XSplit Broadcaster user interface is simple and straightforward. The bottom left pane shows microphone volume control, mic on/off, and computer sounds control and on/off. The bottom right pane shows the scene selector with a default number of 12 scenes for one-click changes.