NetSarang Computer, Inc. (Freeware)

Xshell is a Windows terminal emulator application for Telnet, SSH, Rlogin. This program provides users with access to Unix/Linux hosts as well as Windows workstations. It is used for replacing insecure telnet clients while providing support for X11 secure connections and TCP/IP programs. The application is designed for beginners. However, it also provides other features for advanced users including dynamic port forwarding, local commands, and others.

The main features of Xshell are:
• Session Management – The program offers session management features including creating and managing session files for various servers. It also offers session dialogs, local prompt, address bar, as well as open session shortcuts. Support for multiple sessions is also available.
• Security – Xshell provides security features including RSA/DS public keys, SSH authentication, host key management, zlib compression, and more.
• Terminal – Available terminal features include support for various terminals (i.e. XTERM, VT100, VT320, VT100, and more), scrolled copying, text searching, scroll buffering, compose bard, and others.
• Tunneling – Xshell provides users with tunneling features. It offers X11 and TCP/IP forwarding, instant tunneling, and dynamic port forwarding. Aside from this, it also provides tunneling bar, which is used for monitoring active forwarding channels.
• File Management – Functions and tools for managing files are present. It can be used for sending and receiving files via ZMODEM and SFTP. It also allows ASCII file uploads, automatic session logging, among others.