Xross Scramble is a collection of all the Savior anime fan discs into one cohesive game. The game includes short and new stories and game modes.

The game plot includes two princesses: Princess Claire and her doppelganger that shows up along the story.  The player assumes the role of Taiga, who challenges all characters in the game. The turn-based gameplay include rich graphics and colorful images. As players beat other opponents, the player’s character can substitute the powers of their opponents to their own. Players and users can translate the game in English or Japanese. The enhanced sound effects and background music can also be turned on or off depending on the player’s preference. There are many side quests and mini missions as players’ progress throughout the game. The game has also a special saving mode wherein players can track back all the story modes and quests. This allows them to retrace back missed quests and missions.

Players and anime fans can view the entire story without playing the game. Players and fans can view the manga version of the story after finishing the entire game. Community forums and discussions allow players to contribute feedback for the game. Available tips and walkthroughs can also be found on the community forums.