XPower Analyzer

Xilinx (Proprietary)

XPower Analyzer is an application designed to perform power analysis for post-implementation design. Power Analysis is the process by which power consumption, thermal information, static, and dynamic power for different voltages, power estimates, and power data are analyzed. The data is reviewed with the objective of checking for areas where power can be reduced. This software generates power consumption reports that can be included as a supporting document for the project.

XPower Analyzer’s user interface can be divided into five (5) sections: Menu Bar, Toolbar, Views Panel, Table View Panel, and Output Panel. The Menu Bar contains the dropdown menu for the operations of the software. The toolbar contains shortcut icons for frequently used commands. These include Open Design, Save Settings, Update Power Analysis, Stop Power Analysis, and Generate Advanced Report. The Views Panel provides different views of the design, as well as the configuration tables where a user can enter design settings. The Table View Panel displays the detailed power design and settings of the item selected on the Views Panel. Lastly, the Output Panel displays the status messages in four tabs: Console, Report, Warning, and Error. The data displayed on this software can be saved and recalled on XML format that can be used for further analysis on other databases such as Microsoft Excel.