XPax B356

HiFi Flightware (Proprietary)

XPax is an gaming plug-in developed by HiFi Technologies that adds extra functionality and features to Flight Simulator, a simulation game by Microsoft. The add-on allows Flight Simulator players to use the game as if they are piloting a commercial plane that carries passengers from one airport to another.

One notable feature of XPax is its ability to provide players with real-time information in the form of newsworthy events happening in the world in audiovisual format. These are usually presented when a number of phases occur within the game. While XPax can be initiated anytime, it is recommended that the user turn the plug-in on once Flight Simulator has been loaded and the player has set the aircraft within the hangar gate.

Aside from its main feature of giving players the simulated experience of flying a commercial airliner, XPax also features virtual co-pilots and crew that attend to passengers on-board the plane. These virtual pilots can check on passengers' health statistics, which can affect the player's overall ranking within the game. Overall, one of the main objectives of the add-on involves keeping the airline passengers satisfied with the pilot's performance by maintaining a high "approval rating", which can be compromised with such acts as flying at a higher or lower altitude suddenly and scaring passengers.