XP Quick Fix

LeeLu Soft (Freeware)

Many PC users will be familiar with the nightmare of maintaining a computer. For intermediate to advanced PC users, this comes as second nature. However, for novice and casual PC users, this can come off as a bit of a tedious chore. To the minds of novice PC users, the thought of regularly maintaining important parts of the operating system is daunting. This may involve a lot of unfamiliar menu navigation and opening things that most users feel like they shouldn’t even be touching. LeeLu Soft’s XP Quick Fix Plus gets rid of the intimidating feeling that may come with the words “system maintenance.”

The program gives users a simple interface that the developers boast, is so simple that it does not require a help file. The interface, indeed is as straightforward as any can be. There are forty quick fix solutions that the program provides to the user right on the main window of the program. The program is also portable. This means that a user can just store it on any media device such as a USB flash disk, and use it on any computer. When deciding which fixes to perform, the user can simply hover over one and a quick tooltip will pop up showing what the tool does. The program also tells the user what the most common causes behind system errors are. The user then simply clicks on the desired tool to fix whatever problems they may be having.