xp-AntiSpy 3.98 (Freeware)

xp-AntiSpy is a software that disables a computer system’s certain functions that are user specified, to avoid viruses and spyware, and achieve peak system performance. Certain processes can be stopped from running in one’s computer with this program.

Disabled processes can be Windows authentication processes, automatic updates, automatic codec download, automatic licenses acquisition, or Media Player usage information relay to Microsoft.  The application’s interface was designed primarily for utility than aesthetics.  It is both basic and intuitive.  The main window’s functions list may be navigated and functions may be selected or unselected by the user.  Profiles are built in and may be created as well. Preset profile modes include System Default mode, suggested mode and neutral mode. In addition, user control capacity includes type of network used, MSN Messenger, system services, or disable updates for Internet Explorer.  Information is available on each list option to advise users of their functions.  An additional entry titled Check profile at logon, in which the application reviews current user selected profile with every system logon. xp-AntiSpy is best availed of by advanced computer users since they have more understanding in the appropriate functions to disable in a computer system for its optimal efficacy .